A Remark By the President of the Constitutional Court of Moldova


When voicing his disagreement on the invalidation of mayoral elections in Chișinău, Mr. Andrei Năstase stated today, on 27 June 2018, within a press-conference streamed live on, that he intends to lodge an application with the Strasbourg Court against the Republic of Moldova. Unfortunately, stated he, there is no way for him to complain against ”Poalelungi, who controls from the shadows this criminal process of invalidating elections.” Thereafter, Mr. Andrei Năstase informed the audience that ”it is Poalelungi who is behind this decision [i.e. behind the judicial decision of first instance to invalidate the elections for the office of Mayour of Chișinău]” and that ”the decision of the first instance was drafted by the adviser, by the former adviser of Poalelungi. He was constantly in touch with Poalelungi.”

I would like to mention that I have no relation with the drafting procedure, nor with underlying ideas of ordinary courts of law invalidating these elections. I dedicate my work exclusively to constitutional issues brought before the Constitutional Court I am chairing. I am only preoccupied with the judgments and decisions of this Court, meaning the improvement of the act of constitutional justice.

I am asking Mr. Năstase and other potential intrigants to refrain from making use of my name when spreading fakes. And I am also asking this acknowledging freedom of speech and the right to reputation, which are fundamental principles in a democratic society. I consider it inappropriate to invoke democratic values when undermining its underlying principles.

Mihai Poalelungi,

President of the Constitutional Court of Moldova

This is a courtesy translation from Romanian version.


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