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Division of Finance and Logistics

Division of Finance and Logistics
Finance and Accounting Service
Logistics Service


The Division of Finance and Logistics is a subdivision of the Secretariat of the Court.

The Division of Finance and Logistics has the following duties:


  • coordination of the departments within the division;
  • is responsible for managing the financial and economic activity of the Court;
  • assurance of the substantiation and development of the draft budget of the Constitutional Court;
  • is responsible for conducting regular financial control;
  • assurance of the use of financial resources within the approved budget;
  • assurance of the administration of the Constitutional Court property;
  • assurance, supervision and responsibility for smooth enforcement of contracts concluded by the Constitutional Court;
  • assurance of logistical means and services necessary for the proper conduct of the work of the Constitutional Court;
  • keeping track of legal and budgetary commitments and execution of ordered payments to fulfil  all the obligations assumed by the Court in relation to third parties;
  • preparation of payment documents and their submission within the legal payment terms;
  • preparation of documents on funds management and those related to the deposit / withdraw to / from the treasury of ordered amounts;
  • preparation of the balance sheet and statement of the main economic and financial indicators for their reporting, as well as various monthly reports, according to the applicable law;
  • organization of property inventory, evaluation of the results of this operation and completion of the inventory registry according to the balance sheet items;
  • organization of archiving with accounting records relative to the budget execution, classification, endorsement and storage under law of all supporting payment documents;
  • organization and check of the compliance with the cash desk discipline and cash management and transportation;
  • financial management control over the material and financial resources and approval of documents in which property transactions are recorded;
  • collaboration with the delegated financial controller and the internal auditor for timely settlement of financial transactions with greater difficulty;



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