Logistics Service

Division of Finance and Logistics
Finance and Accounting Service
Logistics Service


The Logistic Service is a subdivision of the Secretariat of the Court, subordinated to the Division of Finance and Logistics.


The Logistics Service has the following duties:


  • preparation, change and update of the annual procurement program based on the fundamental applications of the user departments;
  • assurance of the implementation of the endowment program in the information and communication for the services of the Constitutional Court;
  • assurance of the logistics support necessary to realize the external relations activities, media relations and protocol of the Constitutional Court;
  • technical follow of the way of operation, maintenance and repair of cars of the Constitutional Court and the consumption of fuels and lubricants and compliance with the standards established by the Plenary;
  • assurance of the record of drivers activity and car based on the follow-ups;
  • assurance of the technical and operative record of goods purchased for the Court;
  • assurance of the realization of all necessary administrative activities for the proper functioning of the Constitutional Court departments;
  • assurance of cleaning and maintenance of the Court areas;
  • assurance of regular maintenance and current repairs for all kinds of facilities;
  • assurance of the maintenance of order during the sittings of the Court;
  • coordination of the supply of Court and property management.



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