Finance and Accounting Service

Division of Finance and Logistics
Finance and Accounting Service
Logistics Service


The Finance and Accounting Service is a subdivision of the Secretariat of the Court subordinated to the Division of Finance and Logistics.


The Finance and Accounting Service has the following duties:


  • preparation and development of annual budget planning forecasts;
  • strictly keeping track of limits on income and expenditure;
  • continuous improvement of the budget planning process that leads to enhancing public authority;
  • assurance of the evidence of the circulation and existence of money in the Court and cashier;
  • timely execution in the amount established by law of payments to the state budget and state social insurance budget;
  • performance ​under law of all ordered cash transactions;
  • development of annual plans and quarterly public procurements;
  • development of documentation for the initiation of the procurement procedure;
  • assurance of the evidence, analysis and accuracy of performance of contracts by articles and paragraphs;
  • assurance of the evidence, monitoring and coordination of economic transactions with material assets of the Court.



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