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Legal Directorate – Record Office

Legal Directorate – Record Office
Division of Legal Expertise
Research and Analysis Division
Editorial Division
Record, Registry and Archive Service

The Legal Directorate is a structural subdivision of the Secretariat of the Court, which is responsible for drafting resolutions, opinions, decisions, and to coordinate the activity of divisions within it.

The duties of the Legal Directorate are as follows:


  • coordination of the activities of the directorate subdivisions;
  • prior examination of complaints, which debate by the judges of the Court is not required, and the examination of applications, letters and petitions submitted by citizens;
  • assurance of the enforcement and development of the documents necessary to prepare the case for examination;
  • coordination, completion of the acts adopted by the Plenum of the Court or approved by the President of the Court;
  • coordination of the development of the report on the exercise of the constitutional jurisdiction;
  • monitoring of the timeliness of preparation of files and examination of complaints;
  • endorsement in terms of the legality of any action able to entail the property liability of the President as chief credit accountant;
  • fulfilment of the legal activities, representing the institution engaged in disputes with third parties;
  • analysis, approval and countersigning of contracts for the purchase of goods, services and works entered into with the Constitutional Court;
  • approval and countersigning of documents for the organization of public procurement procedures;
  • approval and countersigning of individual employment contracts.





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