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The Editorial Division is a subdivision of the Legal Directorate of the Secretariat of the Constitutional Court, which duties consist in drawing all acts adopted by the Constitutional Court, check of the accuracy of the legal content and assurance of accurate and appropriate language of the adopted act, use of precise terms and assurance of full consistency between the translated version and the original text of the adopted document.

The duties of the Editorial Division are as follows:

  • assurance of the legal and linguistic completion of the Court acts;
  • check of the accuracy of the legal content of the adopted act;
  • assurance of the use of accurate and appropriate terms;
  • assurance of the preparation of documents in Romanian and Russian;
  • assurance of the full consistency between the translation and the original text of the adopted document;
  • coordination and implementation of the text analysis at the request of the Constitutional Court judges, the referees or the secretary general;
  • provision of specialized consultation for the Court employees.
  • check if the technical edition of the Constitutional Court acts;
  • assurance of the stenography of the public meetings of the Court, technical edition, formatting and storing of regulatory acts, their archiving and preservation on electronic carrier.



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