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Division of Legal Expertise
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The Legal Expertise Division is a subdivision of the Legal Directorate that drafts resolutions, opinions and decisions and maintains the correspondence between the Court, authors of complaints and the competent authorities.

The duties of the Legal Expertise Division are as follows:


  • performance of summons or file communication procedures;
  • regular check of the update of the jurisprudence file;
  • preparation of the correspondence in connection with the case settlement at the request of the judge-rapporteur;
  • provision of the necessary documentation to the judge-rapporteur on the jurisprudence solutions in the national and foreign jurisprudence and doctrine, and preparation of a draft report;
  • establishment of the address necessary to obtain the views;
  • preparation of decisions, resolutions and opinions under the control of the judge-rapporteur;
  • preparation of the files containing keys of jurisprudence accompanying the documents of the Constitutional Court and introduction in the electronic file of jurisprudence the necessary data;
  • preparation of summaries of resolutions, decisions and opinions on judicial files;
  • introduction of data in the file of case law to draw up annual collections of jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court;
  • other duties.






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