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Secretary- General


The Secretary-General is the head of the Secretariat of the Court and:

  • is responsible for the preparation, organization and coordination of activities related to the competence of the structures of the Secretariat;
  • examines prior the complaints which debate by the Court judges is not mandatory, examines the requests, the letters and petitions of citizens, according to the resolution of the President of the Constitutional Court;
  • ensures the control over meeting the deadline for the examination of complaints, drafting the complaints examination plan, submission of the plan approved by judges, assistant judges, subunits of the Secretariat and control over its performance, distribution of the agenda of the meetings of the Constitutional Court to judges and subunits of the Secretariat;
  • oversees the communication of Constitutional Court documents to public authorities under the law;
  • ensures the execution under the law of the decisions and resolutions of the Plenum of the Constitutional Court, orders and directions of the President relative to its duties;
  • submits and ensures the substantiation of the acts subject to the approval by the Plenum of the Constitutional Court or its President;
  • countersigns the solutions adopted by the Plenum of the Constitutional Court in administrative matters;
  • coordinates the review of the requests for access to information of public interest under the law;
  • organizes and coordinates the updating of the website and database belonging to the Constitutional Court;
  • collaborates in the realization of the main directions of the relations with similar institutions from other countries;
  • ensures the development of the draft budget of revenue and expenditure of the Constitutional Court, submits it for approval to the Plenum and forwards it to the Parliament being signed by the President of the Constitutional Court, as provided by law;
  • manages the information flow of the President;
  • makes recommendations and consults the President on issues related to the performance of the constitutional jurisdiction and the general management of the Court;
  • analyzes the documents substantiating the issue of the President orders and its draft orders and orders their record in the register of orders of the President of the Constitutional Court;
  • organizes the agenda, meetings and working sessions of the President of the Court;
  • performs any other duties ordered by the President or by the Plenum of the Constitutional Court.



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