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In February 2016, a consortium led by the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ) and comprising the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania and the School of German Law at Warsaw University as members, started implementation of the EU funded project "SUPPORT TO THE CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OF THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA" (EuropeAid/136903/DH/SER/MD). The overall objective of the project, which is developed within the provisions of the "Justice Sector Reform Strategy 2011-2016 (JSRS)", is to accelerate the sustainable reform of the justice sector in Moldova and to ensure the rule of law by strengthening the Constitutional Court.
The purpose of the project is to:

  • Strengthen the Constitutional Court as it is foreseen in the Justice Sector Reform Strategy 2011-2016;
  • Improve procedures and internal organisation of the Constitutional Court;
  • Improve capacities of the Constitutional Court staff in providing support for the judges;
  • Increase awareness of Constitutional Court judges on different methods of interpretation and jurisprudence of the ECHR and the EU members states constitutional control institutions, the Venice commission of the Council of Europe, OSCE and other international organisations;
  • Increase awareness among the general public and specific target groups on the mandate and work of the CCM.

The project consists of three relevant components:
1. Institutional Support and Capacity Building;
2. Legal Support and Contribution and
3. Communication, Awareness Raising and Interaction with the Civil Society.
The project shall run until October 2017.

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