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The 21st anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova


Today, 29 July 2015, the Constitution marks its 21st anniversary.

Republic of Moldova was built on the principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence and which can be found plenarily in the Constitution.

The fundamental mission of the Constitution is to ensure democracy and social harmony, things that are impossible without achieving rule of law and unconditional respect for the constitutional rights, without ensuring justice, political pluralism and a market economy. These values represent the existential philosophy of our country, from which we cannot deviate.

Democracy is a value that must be protected day by day. Therefore, the Constitutional Court was always trenchant in finding the violations of constitutional norms and will continue to ensure the supremacy of the Constitution, separation of powers and also the responsibility of the state towards its citizens and the citizens towards the state.

On the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the Constitution, on behalf of the Constitutional Court, let me extend to you all the most cordial congratulations and wishes of prosperity, and I urge you, in everything you do, to contribute in the process of building a society governed by justice and truth, and to honour aright the Constitution!

Alexandru TĂNASE
President of the Constitutional Court




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