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Congratulatory Message of the President of the Constitutional Court, Alexandru Tanase, on the Constitution Day



On July 29 Moldovan citizens celebrate their Constitution.

The Constitution of the Republic of Moldova is the document with the highest regulatory authority in public, political and social life of our country. The fundamental mission of the Constitution is to ensure social harmony, which is impossible without ensuring the rule of law and the unconditional respect for constitutional rights.

The celebration of 18 years of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova is an opportunity to remind ourselves that the Constitution laid the foundation for establishment of democracy and the rule of law in Moldova. During all this time, our fundamental law proved to be a body of principles and rules, which paved the way for asserting the fundamental values ​​of the rule of law and market economy, a guarantee of fundamental human rights but also of the functioning of state's basic institutions, providing the necessary framework for the establishment of a system of government based on the inalienable rights of humanity: life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

The historical significance of the Constitution cannot be ignored. The adoption of the Constitution was pivotal for our new independent republic, which had just emerged from a major conflict with separatist elements in the left bank of Nistru river. A symbol of the people's struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights, the Constitution reminds every citizen the sacred duty to faithfully serve the country, to defend the unity, sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Moldova.

Thus, looking to the past and the present, we can say that the Basic Law is the first symbol that joins us all together, a symbol of the people and the fight for freedom, justice and honor.

The Constitution Day is an occasion to celebrate our democracy not only as a political system, but also as a way of life. The fundamental values ​​enshrined in the Constitution compel us to work constantly for their strengthening and development, or, human freedom and rights are not privileges that we enjoy, but a reward for those who will honor and defend them.

On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the Constitution, on my personal behalf and on behalf of the Constitutional Court, I sincerely wish all citizens peace and prosperity, and I urge that in everything they do, they give substance to the notions of rule of law and supremacy of law, help build a society governed by justice and truth, and honor the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova!

Alexandru TĂNASE
President of the Constitutional Court



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