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Press release

Issued by the Press Service of the Constitutional Court




The Constitutional Court denies the article published today by Moldova.ORG and taken over by other publications in Moldova entitled "Balti wants a referendum to extend its autonomy! Alexandru Tanase: The decision is unconstitutional," erroneous concerning the statements of the President of the Constitutional Court, Alexandru Tanase.


The Constitutional Court states that the President Alexandru Tanase did not give interviews of this kind or another, to the indicated source or any other mass media on the topic of Balti Municipal Council Decision of July 26, 2012 to hold a local referendum on the extension of municipal autonomy.


Moreover, the alleged statements cited by Moldova.ORG are pure fiction, since the president Alexandru Tanase is currently on holidays abroad.


In the future, we kindly ask the press agencies and reporters involved in writing articles about the Constitutional Court to first contact the public relations department, the only source able to provide accurate information about the work of the Court and of the constitutional judges. 





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