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The Court delivered a positive Opinion on the amendment to the Constitution on the competence and structure of the Constitutional Court of Moldova  
On 6 December 2016, the Constitutional Court of Moldova has delivered its Opinion on the draft law amending the Constitution. Circumstances of the case The case originated in a notification of the Government lodged with the Constitutional Court on 28 November 2016, requesting the approval of the draft law on the amendment to the Constitution related to the powers and structure of the Constitutional Court. In essence, the draft law provides the following: - With regards to the powers of the Constitutional Court:   (1)
Students from a Southern region of the country attended the Constitutional Court’s public hearing
On 17 November 2016 a group of students from two lyceums of Comrat visited the CCM and attended a public session of the Court. Aiming to elevate the legal culture and general knowledge about the Constitution of the students from the UTA Găgăuzia region, the Court was visited by a group of students from two institutions of secondary education: Theoretical Lyceum ” G.A. Gaidarji” with teaching in the Gagauz language and Theoretical Lyceum ”Mihai Eminescu”with teaching in Romanian. The students attended
Over the past days I have received dozens of messages via various private and public electronic means of communication, where I am personally asked to cancel the election results for the office of President of Moldova. I would like to mention that although these messages are signed by different unknown individuals, their content is absolutely identical, all making an inadmissible resort to family matters, which have an absolutely private nature. Unfortunately, some of these messages have been covered by certain media
Press Release
The Press Service of the Constitutional Court of Moldova, following the request of several media outlets to comment on Moldova,s Presidential Election of 2016, comes up with a number of clarifications regarding the procedures for confirming the results of the election of the President of Moldova: Pursuant to Article 135.e of the Constitution, the Constitutional Court confirms the results of presidential elections in Moldova. In this regard, in accordance with Article 110 of the Electoral Code, the election results are aggregated by
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